FL Top Docs and FL Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for November 2019. FL Top Docs Include: Addiction Medicine Dr. John C. Eustace Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Dr. Roger W. Fox Anesthesiology Dr. Livia Exposito Dr. Stuart J. Feldman Dr. Edward B. Ferrer Cardiology Dr. Esteban Escolar Dr. Walther R. Evenhuis Dr. Amy M. Eversole Dr. Ibrahim E. Fahdi Dr. Robert L. Feldman Dr. Hilaire L. Fernandes Dr. Joel Fernandez Dr. Jonathan A. Fialkow Dr. Franklin Fiedelholtz Dr. Constance Fields Dr. Roland A. Filart Dr. Steven Fishberger Dr. Mark Fisher Dr. Todd J. Florin Dr. Michael S. Flynn Dr. Vicente E. Font Dr. Hector L. Fontanet Dr. Jean Foucauld Dr. James J. Fox Dr. Michael G. Fradley Dr. Adam Frank Colon & Rectal Surgery Dr. Andrea Ferrara Critical Care Medicine Dr. Sam M. Faradyan Dr. Emir Festic Dermatology Dr. Bernard Cohen Dr. Read the full article →

FL Top Docs and FL Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for October 2019. FL Top Docs Include: Family Practice Dr. Adrian Burrowes D. Frederc Guerrier Gastroenterology Dr. Robert Felman General Surgery Dr. Teresa H. Debeche-Adams Internal Medicine Dr. Ali Harake OB/GYN Dr. George Amyradakis Dr. Cherise Chambers Dr. Blane M. Crandall Oncology / Hematology Dr. Alexander Glick Ophthalmology Dr. Ronald J. Glatzer Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Thomas L. Greene Physical Medicine / Physiatry Dr. Alan K. Gruskin Dr. Sergio Lenchig Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Lee M. Mandel Rheumatology Dr. Richard S. Glick

Creating an Effective Digital Physician-Based Marketing Plan Traditional healthcare marketing uses advertising, branding and promotional methods to interact and build trust among the community in addition to highlighting specific medical expertise in order to acquire new patients.  Whereas physician marketing heavily focuses on specific physicians highlighting their unique accomplishments, qualifications, and services.  The goal of physician marketing is to build trustworthy relationships between doctors and patients inside and outside of the office. This type of marketing is essential to not only gaining new patients, but also maintaining the relationships doctors have with their existing patients.  When creating your strategic digital marketing plan, it’s important to keep the goals for your physician’s campaign in mind. For example, it’s imperative to increase the physician’s visibility, improve brand recognition of the practice, and prove that the physician is a thought leader in their specialty.  In order to reach these goals, there are a Read the full article →

Social Media Marketing Goals & Objectives If you’ve been following along with this blog series about social media marketing, then you already know that as a professional, social media is key to your business. You might be thinking…  My business is so unique!” And you’re right, your business is truly unique in its own way and this is something that we can highlight throughout social media.  There are three types of goals or objectives when using social media.  They are increasing website traffic Growing your community, Amplifying your brand awareness.  Depending on what is most important to you in your business right now, we can create content specifically aimed at reaching the desired goal or you can integrate all three into your social media marketing plan. Number 1: Increasing YOUR Website Traffic: When your desired goal on social media is to gain hits on your website, this strategy requires more Read the full article →

3 Reasons Why Every Doctor & Dentist Needs To Invest In Social Media Marketing  If you’re a doctor or a dentist, you need to be investing in social media marketing for your practice. Why you ask, well in this blog post I discuss the importance of businesses having a social media presence, and  outline exactly why it is so important, not just for any business but for all healthcare and medical professions. Number 1: It is imperative for every business to be actively engaged on social media, but when it comes to medical professionals, it becomes even more essential.  Did you know that 68% of prospective patients form an opinion about your practice by just looking at one to six online reviews?  That’s MORE than half of prospective patients have already formed an opinion about them before learning anything about them, just from what others said.  Talk about peer pressure! Read the full article →