FL Top Docs and FL Top Dentists are proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for July 2019. FL Top Docs Include: Breast Surgery Dr. Rhonda Harmon Cardiology Dr. Mitchell Karl Dr. Kevin Klein Endocrinology Dr. Saji Koshy ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Marie Becker Family Practice Dr. Gerald J. Kivett Gastroenterology Dr. Israel Crespo Dr. Barry Katz General Surgery Dr. Michael Kahky Gynecology Dr. Mary Lee Josey Internal Medicine Dr. Carey Connolly Neurological Surgery Dr. Jorge J. Inga OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Gilby Dr. Kelly Jago Oncology / Hematology Dr. Mike Cusnir Dr. Brian Hunis Ophthalmology Dr. George Corrent Dr. Mark Kennedy Dr. Geoffrey M. Kwitko Pain Management Dr. Stuart Krost Psychiatry Dr. Myrtho Mompoint-Branch Pulmonology / Critical Care Dr. Stephen M. Kreitzer Reproductive Medicine Dr. Sharon B. Jaffe FL Top Dentists Include: Oral / Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. David R. Kirkpatrick

FL Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for June 2019. FL Top Docs Include: Dermatology Dr. Arthur S. Colsky Dr. Howard Green Family Practice Dr. Charlotte Cotton Nephrology Dr. Alex R. Constantinescu OB/GYN Dr. Sheila A. Connery Dr. G. Willy Davila Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Dr. William Cooney Dr. John Grossman Dr. Joshua Hackel Radiology Dr. Sanford Altman Dr. Mary Kay Peterson

FL Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for May 2019. FL Top Docs Include: Bariatric Medicine/Surgery Dr. John A. Dietrick Breast Surgery Dr. Debbie Berlin Cardiology Dr. Nirat Beohar Dr. Danyal Mushtaq Khan Dr. Christopher J. Pastore Dr. Yamilet Tirado Dermatology Dr. B. Jennifer Berkes ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Jeffrey B. Alperstein Dr. William Bolger Dr. Scott Goldberg Dr. Izak Kielmovitch Family Practice Dr. Noureen Akbar Dr. Mark Peacock Dr. Donna Stephens Gastroenterology Dr. Bradley Towbin General Surgery Dr. Bert Bowers Internal Medicine Dr. Rania Albataineh Dr. Ankush Bansal Dr. Emily Beck Dr. Venkata J. Bireddy Dr. Phi H. Le Dr. Maykel Trotter Nephrology Dr. Karthikeyan Sai OBGYN Dr. Yelena Atlanova Oncology / Hematology Dr. Fouad Hajjar Ophthalmology Dr. Donald A. Barnhorst Jr. Dr. Brian D. Haas Dr. J. Bruce Hess Dr. Janie Ho Dr. Ahad Mahootchi Dr. Rashid Taher Dr. Catherine Wang Pain Read the full article →

FL Top Docs is proud to present the following recently reviewed and approved providers for April 2019. FL Top Docs Include: Dermatology Dr. Elizabeth Arrington ENT (Otolaryngology) Dr. Kyle Allen Family Practice Dr. Clifford Arn Dr. E. Frank Delgado Dr. Corey Evans Dr. Zabunnissa Vyas Gastroenterology Dr. Robert T. Baker Dr. Todd Eisner Gynecology Dr. Heidi Arnold Internal Medicine Dr. Nabil Aziz Dr. James E. Vanek Neurology Dr. Alan Berger Dr. Garcia J. Desousa Dr. Navin Verma OBGYN Dr. Renee M. Bassaly Dr. Anne Marie D’Heureux-Jones Ophthalmology Dr. David B. Auerbach Dr. Marianne B. Diego-Wright Dr. Alexander M. Eaton Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Carlos Azar Pediatrics Dr. Chistopher Tappan Dr. Jennifer Thielhelm Physical Medicine / Physiatry Dr. S. Aull

Board-Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Bruce A. Gelinas Named FL Top Doc for 2019 Bruce A. Gelinas, MD has been reviewed and approved by FL Top Docs for 2019. Dr. Gelinas is a board-certified cardiologist practicing in Naples, Florida. Specifically, he is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine with a sub-certificate in Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. Gelinas attended Indiana University School of Medicine to obtain his Doctor of Medicine degree. He then completed an internal medicine residency at Indiana University Medical Center and a cardiology fellowship at the University of Louisville Hospital. Dr. Gelinas is currently affiliated with Naples Community Hospital and North Naples Hospital. He is also currently an instructor of cardiology at Naples Community Hospital’s Residency Program and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. To learn more about this FL Top Doc, please click here.   About Us FL Top Docs is a comprehensive, trusted Read the full article →